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  • Millennium Development Goals – what next?

  • Assessing future environmental trends

  • Storm clouds gather after the Arab Spring

  • A model of growth for Europe beyond crisis

  • New doors of opportunities through travel and tourism

  • The rise of the emerging economies

  • How is social media changing the way we choose our leaders?

  • What does the future of the G20 look like?

  • How will the changing Arctic change the world?

  • Viewing manufacturing through a global prism

  • Post-election entrenchment in the US

  • Waking up to the migration crisis

  • The burden of women in a world of austerity

  • Achieving net positive impact for nature

  • Natural disasters and the urgent need for early warning systems

  • Can space junk threaten the way we communicate?

  • How can governments create a fertile environment for employment?

  • Welcome to the chronic phase of the public debt crisis