This week’s podcast looks at manufacturing, with John Moavenzadeh, the Senior Director and Head of Mobility Industries at the World Economic Forum, giving us his insights on where global manufacturing is heading.

The future of mobile learning was prominent on the agenda at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month. William Hoffman, the Associate Director for the Telecommunications Industry at the World Economic Forum was there. He shares with us some of the key findings of the conference and future developments.

Pictured: The new Nokia smart phone Lumia is displayed at Nokia world, London, October 26, 2011. Nokia unveiled two sleek new Microsoft Windows phones on Wednesday in time for Christmas, a first step in the ailing cellphone maker’s fightback against Apple and Google. The GSMA Mobile World Congress, representing the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry, took place from February 15th to 18th 2012 in Barcelona. REUTERS/Paul Hackett