The energy sector has a major role to play in global economic growth and recovery, with its indirect contributions outweighing its already considerable direct effects.

Pawel Konzal, Associate Director and Head of Oil and Gas Industries, and Roberto Bocca, Senior Director and Head of Energy Industries at the Forum, discuss the report, Energy for Economic Growth – Energy Vision Update 2012, which provides a framework for understanding the larger economic role of the energy industry at a time when employment and investment issues are so central in a troubled global economy.

Pictured: Workers build a thermo-solar power plant in Beni Mathar August 20, 2009. A 400 billion euro plan to power Europe with Sahara sunlight is gaining momentum, even as critics see high risks in a large corporate project using young technology in north African countries with weak rule of law. Picture taken August 20, 2009. To match feature ENERGY-MAGHREB/SOLAR REUTERS/Rafael Marchante